The N.Y.I.A. Eagles took the win, 88-86 in a highly contested game on February 5th, 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio.

The New York International Academy Eagles turned up to the Spire game a little lighter than usual. A lot of the players were left at home for the game as about half the team were sick. However, this did not affect the teams tenacity, they had one focus and that was to win the game.

N.Y.I.A. decided to run against Spire, a very different strategy from last time they played them. The Eagles were a force against them and really pushed the floor with fast breaks. The didn’t relent and kept playing the game they wanted to play which was at a much higher pace than Spire had expected.

The Eagles did begin to tire towards the end but luckily they had a 14 point lead. Spire cut the lead all the way down and got ahead, but not for long, as the Eagles fought and came back to pull it out and get the 88-86 win over Spire.

Jalen Kelso stood out this game game with his outstanding performance. He played vital on both ends of the court. His ability make 37 points, steal the ball, guard the ball, pick up on defense, rebound & make assists meant that he had an exceptional game & really helped the team win.

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