Coach Kelso and the N.Y.I.A. Elite AAU team came away very happy as they took the championship after what looked like a very rocky start …

The Eagles’ first game started off on a back foot, the game started late and end with a loss to team Club Elite. The 2nd game saw the Eagles fighting hard for the win only to be beat in overtime at the buzzer against team NBA 1. This was it for the Eagles, crunch time, they had their backs against the wall and had to win the next games or be out the tournament. 

The N.Y.I.A. Elite AAU Eagles did not disappoint. They dug deep, played with everything they had and won 6 games straight beating NBA Team Select for the championship. Coach Kelso said, “… all our guards played very well, they got better as they went along in the games …”. Coach Tom Izzo of Michigan State and Coach Steve Alford of UCLA who Coach Kelso has known for a long time, had a lot of contact with him throughout the tournament watching as the team went on a 6-0 streak to take the Championship trophy. The New York International Academy Elite AAU Team posted a 29-5 overall record and 2 championships.

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New York International Academy Elite AAU team with Coach Izzo, Coach Alford and the Championship Trophy, well done guys!